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We'll listen to your needs, then help you find the best way to get what you need.

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Quiksurveys unleashes your business potential by innovation.

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We've built an innovative company to help brands and agencies alike make more informed decisions. With a passion for data, we deliver useful insights that help your business grow and thrive.

Our Purpose

At Purpose, we are a customer focused, data driven and technology driven consulting firm that helps organizations develop their unique business objectives. We offer a range of consulting services including data analytics, customer relationship management, advanced analytics and reporting to complete the digital story of the organization.

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We have proprietary community panels in India through which we can achieve both nationally representative and niche demographic samples. For international projects that require respondents from outside our panel, we work with Cint which is the marketplace for external panel providers which has been carefully chosen for the high level of quality assurance procedures that are in line with our own.
Recruitment to our community is done through a variety of channels. We use social media, partner websites, blogs and emails. We do extensive profiling activity that all new members complete. This allows us to collect as much individual data-points on each community member which is crucial to accurate survey targeting.

The way profiling is collected by the Cint platform can be as follows

1) Pre survey profiling - 3 questions are presented the from different categories, which are dynamically targeted by a defined priority to collect the most valuable profiling first.

2) End page profiling - 10 questions are listed on the end page. There is no definable targeting for these, it pulls them sequentially based on lowest question ID first that hasn't been responded to yet.

3) Panelist Portal - When the panelist has registered or logged in to the panelist portal, the full suite of panel questions is available to the panelist to answer. These are grouped by category, with unanswered questions and those that have outdated variables being prioritized above those that have been answered previously.

4) OpinionAPP - This shares a variant of the the Panelist Portal's profiling, with direct access into the profile pages for a panel.

Industry Experiences

Delivering best-in-class data

We incorporate panel management and panel quality procedures to maximize our panel and ensure data quality.‚Äč

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